Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The introduction.

Welcome to "Rock. River. Run." This blog will follow the many hapless misadventures of Derek DeBruin and Susan DeBruin in their pursuit of "living the dream" as it were, in this case, spending as much time as possible climbing, paddling, and trail running.

Expect humorous anecdotes, epic tales, trip reports from the far flung reaches of the world (well, maybe someday), gear reviews, technical tips, shameless advertisements, brutally honest prose, tactless rants, proto-academic research informing quasi-scientific sports nutrition and physical training plans, painstakingly crafted short stories, links to random videos and cool photos, and sometimes just plain drivel.

Regardless, the whole thing should be mildly entertaining. Or at least distracting. Or something to do when you're bored at work and you need it to look like you might actually be doing work when really you're trying to live vicariously through others, despite the fact that their lives aren't really that much more interesting or exciting. So click that "follow" button and come along on a wondrous journey as relayed through the text (and maybe even photos and videos) brought to you over the mystical tubes of the internet through the eye-straining back-lighting of an LCD monitor. Enjoy.

Oh. And a picture of us. Seemed like a good idea.

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