Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a Library Thing

I am about to reveal to you my latest project, which I find fantastically amazing in all of my geeky wonder - The LibraryThing!

The LibraryThing is a type of social media website for bibliophiles and librarian types. You can sign up for free and create an online catalog of your own personal library. You can include books you have, books you've read, a wish list for future books. AND perhaps one of my favorite parts - you can sign up to receive pre-print books for FREE in exchange for providing a book review to the author.

Isn't that the most awesomely insane and cool thing ever??

I'm sure any of my library classmates reading this are thinking, "Geeze Susan, get with the times, we've all been on LibraryThing for ages." But this is new to me, and thereby BIG NEWS. I love it!

I am still adding our books to our LibraryThing catalog, but you can go ahead and check us out at Right now, the "Outdoor Library" is the most complete collection.

I want to start adding reviews for the books we have & have read. If you are interested in borrowing stuff or were thinking about buying a book & want feedback, just give us a holler!

I'm gonna go geek out some more now and add subject tags... ::blissful grinning::


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  1. I love LibraryThing! I found it a few years ago and got one of the early "lifetime subscriptions". I have all the books I've read since 1989 in my collection. It's fun, and nice to be able to see what others thought about books I've read, and those I think I want to read.
    Nancy Lombardo