Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rock 'n' Roll Race Report

Derek and I are back from our weekend trip to St. Louis for the Rock 'n' Rock Series Half Marathon. This race was my first major road run. I've done a couple of trail races, but they did not really prepare me at all for something like the Rock 'n' Roll Series. From the pre-race expo to the sheer size of the event, I was amazed and a little bit overwhelmed.

Race day was an early start. We got up at 5:30AM to have a breakfast of milk and cereal before heading into the city. I was super grateful for my Uncle Mark and Aunt Lorri giving us a ride! We ended up getting stuck in traffic, so Derek, cousin Greta, and I hopped out at a stoplight and made a 'run' for the starting line. We got there with enough time to wait for an empty port-a-john before heading to our corral.

This was my first wave-start run, so the whole corral system was kind of funny to me. There were over 25,000 runners (holy cow!). Greta and I were in corral 18. I was relieved when it came to be our time to start, and we were all able to spread out a bit more.

Once things got going, I found the run to be super relaxing and fun. There were aid stations every 1.5 miles with water and restrooms. There were cheerleaders on many corners and live bands rocking it out to keep us motivated. It was a lot of fun to keep an eye out for Derek, who popped up on the sidelines throughout the race to take photos and cheer us on. It was also super encouraging to find our Aunts & Uncles waiting for us around the halfway point and at the finish line to cheer us on as well.

The highlight of running this race was getting to run it with my cousin, Greta. I don't get to visit with my extended family very often, and I have never been able to run a race with anyone before so this was a double bonus. It was awesome to have a running buddy. This was Greta's first race, and I hope she enjoyed it enough that she wants to do it again sometime.

We finished together at 2:59:30

Check out more photos at: Rock N Roll Race Photos


  1. Congrats on the race!!!

  2. Thanks!!! I'm super excited out my next one - I'll be doing a 25K trail run on December 10th. It's the Tashka Trail in Coker, Alabama.