Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ten Miles

Hah. Hi. Yeah, I know I haven’t posted anything yet. I’m sorry. This is me fixing that. I haven’t been out climbing lately. Or doing anything super fun and outdoorsy. I’ve just been going to work and going to class. And running.

Well, sometimes I’ve been running.

It’s been somewhat challenging to get my 10 mile run in. I’ve been training for a half marathon, but every time I try to run my first 10 miler, something happens. I get nearly bitten by a snake, or chased by a deer, or I simply quit. So, this past Monday I said, “I’m running ten miles today” and I really meant it. It had to be done. I had to do it. No more quitting.

So I went out to Munny Sokol Park, and I did it! And after I ran it, I immediately sent Derek this text,

Me: “I ran ten miles. And sprained my shoulder…”
Derek: “Wha…? How? Love you. Be home soon.”

I bet he loves it when I send him texts like that. Anyway, it turns out that I didn’t sprain my shoulder at all… I just partially dislocated it. You are probably thinking that I must have fallen pretty hard or something for that to happen…

But no.

I managed to partially dislocate my shoulder by attempting to scratch my shoulder blade while running. Yeap. That’s me. Hard-core-rock-climbing-super-adventure-amazing-woman just freaking dislocated her own shoulder by scratching her back.


I still did my ten miles though, with the jacked-up shoulder. I guess I’m not a total wimp… just completely inept. More running stories to come.

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