Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble Gobble

YAY Thanksgiving! Derek and I are heading out to South Carolina on Wednesday to spend the holiday with family. I'm extra excited because we'll be able to see both his family and mine this year. Staying with the holiday theme, here are some things I am way thankful for:
  • Being drug free!! Haha, well, cold-medicine-drug free. My nasty head junk is still lingering with some hateful coughing fits, but I'm done with the drugs
  • New Shoez - I got to go running this morning with my new kicks. I didn't get to try them out on trails, but they did pretty good on the road. My lungs however have suffered from the 10 day head cold stupidity. Oh well.
  • Comforters. I really like big fluffy comforters. They are comforting. That is all.
  • The Library - Derek and I got a bunch of free movie 'rentals' from the library this week, including Zombieland. Very funny. You should definitely watch. I also got a few novels, which has not helped me get my homework done. Yes, I am 27 years old and I still have homework. Someday I might grow up. But not today.
  • Family stuff. You know. Love and home-cooking. Hugs and children. Getting punched when you see a BMW Bug. Those things.
Hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels if you are on the road!


  1. I recenlty just learned about the awesome of the free rental company called the Library..... as long as I remember to return it on time

  2. I can't decide if I love my new climbing shoes or my cute little c=boots better. But new shoez rock! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Just got myself some ice climbing boots too - woohoo!