Thursday, November 17, 2011

Got Sick

My stupid cold did not get chased away before my Sunday morning run as I had hoped. Instead, I stayed home for the entire beautiful weekend, stuck inside sniffling and sneezing as my cold got progressively worse. Ugh. I'm finally back on my feet today, after about a week of hacking up phlegm (yummy) and not working out.

I am both looking forward to and dreading my first work out after this week of nothing. So to distract myself from thinking about that, I now bring you...

Fun Facts from the Week of Phlegm:
  • Going to a smokey bar is never good for your health. Even if your friends say its not that bad or we'll only stay for one drink. Yes, Sam Latone, I'm calling you out. You should feel horrible for making me have a good time. 
  • NyQuil is awesome, but causes me to have crazy, vivid dreams. Which of course I can never remember after I wake up. I just know that they are crazy and vivid. 
  • Tuscaloosa was under a Tornado Watch this week. Sooooo not cool. Not only is it completely inappropriate to have a tornado watch the week before Thanksgiving, but it really gives me the heebie-geebies after Derek & I found ourselves trapped in the path the April 27th tornado. I am done with this tornado crap. I want to move to the mountains. Yesterday.
  • Vitamin C drops are better than candy because you get to say that they are good for you. Even though they taste just like candy.
  • I has new shoez!!! I got the La Sportiva Raptors - will tell you how they do when I finally get to run again...


  1. Nice kicks! I hope they are as awesome as they look. And, I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you get better soon