Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I like big butts

I know this is shallow. I know it is superficial. I know I really shouldn’t care. But I really hope that all this training gives me sweet abs, shapely arms, and, perhaps above all, a really cute butt.

Derek likes to say that appearances are a consequence of fitness - you shouldn’t work out just to look good. You should work out to feel good and to be able to do the things you like better. The good looks are just a consequence of all that fitness.

That’s nice and all, but I haven’t been able to stay on that bandwagon just yet. When we are working out and I’m feeling tired and de-motivated, I just think, “one more squat and I’ll have the most beautiful butt ever” until I get it done.

Now, you might think that I must be silly - I am already very slender, I should be happy with how I look. But slender is just another way to say scrawny, much like willowy is just another way to say anorexically thin looking. And importantly, skinny DOES NOT equal healthy! I want to be and look healthy. I don’t want to look like a stiff breeze will blow me over.

To top off my scrawny-winter-tree like frame (or rather to bottom off), I have been blessed with the classic Kurtz butt = flat and saggy (Kurtz is my Mama's family name. Hi Mom. You know you love me). Seriously, where most folks enjoy a nice cute bump for a bottom, my back just keeps on sliding down to my flat, saggy butt. It’s not fair at all. No one as scrawny as me should have to suffer with a saggy butt. It’s bad enough that it’s flat, why does it have to sag too??

So where am I going with this tirade?

Well, I checked out my saggy flat butt in the mirror this morning. It doesn’t look any better yet. It’s been a week. When will I get a cute butt?? I will continue to update you on the progress of my cute butt building, but I’d love to hear from y’all - how soon do you start seeing results from a new work out regime?


  1. That is funny that you have a Kurtz butt! I have a Roeder butt, my mom's maiden name. Roeder butt is code for big butt!

    As for results it takes about 2-3 weeks to see them. So keep up the good work!

  2. Funny! I've got a big butt and I cannot lie!!

  3. I just saw that you're my newest follower, so I thought I'd have to check your blog out too!

    Jenn, my wife, and I have lost quite a bit of weight in the past six months. It's funny, because we went from "plump rump" to saggy booties. Maybe we need to do some squats or something.

  4. Hi Matthew - thanks for stopping in! I'm glad I'm not alone in the saggy booty department, haha :)