Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday's Workout

Today's workout felt mostly alright. My upper abs are still painfully sore from the last two workouts, so the core work was heinous. However the main portion of the workout went well enough that we did four sets instead of the three we had planned on doing.

The worst part of the workout was the pull-ups. I came pretty close to crying again because I just couldn't do them. Well, I DID do them, but it took forever - I grunted my way up one pull-up and then was so smoked that I had to rest before trying the next one. Derek tried several different methods to keep me motivated, but I still just wanted to sit down and cry. I'm kind of a big baby like that. Anyway, I finished it.

Here's the whole workout we did. Derek did almost everything with 20 lb weights, and I did most everything with 15 lb weights. We both bumped down to different weights for the wrist curls & reverse wrist curls.

The Warm Up
4 mile run at 31 min 57 sec
20 pull ups on ice tools

The Main Deal - 4 sets 
Wrist Curls, 10 reps/ea
Reverse Wrist Curls, 10 reps/ea
Triceps, 10 reps
Slasher to Halo, 10 reps
Air Squats, 30 seconds
Calf Raises 60 seconds

The Core Work - 3 sets
Russian Twist, 10 reps/ea
Spider, 20 seconds
V Crunches, 20 reps

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