Monday, December 19, 2011

Ladies’ Gear Review: Freshette

For our first Christmas together, Derek gave me two particularly memorable gifts. The first gift he had me open when we celebrated privately, and the other he had me open in front of his family. One of these gifts was a pair of diamond earrings. The other was a Freshette.

Guess which one he had me open in front of the family?

Yeah. The Freshette


Awkward family moment aside, the Freshette has been a gift used and appreciated more than probably any other. I love, love, love, my Freshette. So here is my gear review for you (ladies).

First, you may be wondering, “what is a Freshette?” The Freshette is a urinary director for women. It basically allows a lady to pee whilst standing like a man, primarily for outdoor situations. No dropping of the pants, no baring of the bottom to the cold air. Just the spread-foot-stance-of-freedom pee like a man. As you can likely tell, I’m a big fan of this device.  


You can pee like a man. You can pee beside the road. You can pee on a building. You can pee off a cliff. You can even pee while hanging in a belay, though that one is a bit tricksy. I have not yet been able to write my name in the snow… If you are not an outdoorsy person, you may still find the Freshette useful in nasty gas station bathrooms while on road trips - but remember to be courteous and lift the seat.

You can usually find one for about $20.00 and after 4 years, I still haven’t had to replace mine.

Easily Sanitizes
The Freshette cleans easily with warm, soapy water in your bathroom sink. If you are on an extended camping trip where you may not be able to wash it, you can also clean it with sanitizing wipes. Sanitizing between each use isn’t necessary unless it really bugs you. If it doesn’t bug you, just shake off any excess fluid and store in a zip lock baggy to keep it separate from other items. I keep my Freshette with a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer in a small zippered pouch.

The Freshette is made of a hard plastic that keeps its shape. This allows you to slide it between layers of clothing and maintain more privacy. I’ve read of other urinary directors that are made of soft silicon. While I have never used those products, I can’t imagine them holding their shape well. The hard plastic of the Freshette also facilitates maintaining a seal to prevent leakage and makes the device difficult to damage if you accidentally step on it.  


Learning Curve
It takes some time to get accustomed to using the Freshette. I may or may not have accidentally peed on myself a couple times during this process… I recommend practicing in your bathroom at home a few times before venturing outside with it.

Standing Room Only
The package my Freshette came in stated you could use the thing while laying down and/or sitting down in a chair. You can’t. Don’t try it. Or if you do, just remember that the Freshette does not stop the force of gravity. Think about that a little before you try to tinkle.

Too Much Tubing
The Freshette comes with a clear tube to extend your ‘flow.’ I used it at first and then tossed it in the trash. It’s not necessary, it’s extra bulk, and it is prone to leaking.  


The Freshette revolutionizes the way you pee in the woods (or in ganky bathrooms). It is easy to clean and well worth the $20 investment.

Want Peeing Pointers? I have loads of advice on how to use a Freshette and stay fresh, but I really doubt most of our readers want to read about that! If you are interested in learning more, email me or leave a comment.


  1. that is so cool, thanks for the review

  2. I've always wondered if these things work. I have also seen a website (called stand2pee or something like that) that will send you a video and teach you to stand to pee without any devices... It would be so awesome.

  3. Haha! This is awesome!! I always give guys A hard time because I always have to use a restroom. (hmm...I see this as an excellent idea for port a potties (especially at races when it's ridiculously disgusting) I went hiking a couple weeks ago and I really had to I went off the trail and squatted...and ended up slipping on ice and landing on my bum mid stream. Aye...I was notttt a happy camper.

  4. I have never heard of such a device. No more squatting in the poison ivy. Nice!

  5. I was insanely grateful for it when Derek and I got stuck on an interstate with NO exits and I really, really had to pee - and there where absolutely no trees. Just pulled over, hopped outta the car and went for it!

  6. We will happily offer anyone who is interested a 50% discount on the Stand2Pee DVD. While the device is a good tool, it is just that, a tool. If you forget the gadget, you are back to squatting. Our DVD actually TEACHES women how to pee standing up without the need for one of these. Feel free to drop me a note ( and I will send you a coupon code that you can use and are welcome to share :)


    Stacy Kwan
    Chief Evangelist