Friday, December 16, 2011

List Making Queen

A couple of days ago, I posted on my need for a Body Reboot. Several of you had awesome words of encouragement and support - thank you! It is wonderful to have a such a cool community of bloggers :)

Moving on to today's post - yes, that is me. The List Making Queen. Few things make me feel as good as making a solid list. Today, I'm going to post my list of "To-Do's" for my Body Reboot. Following in Christi's Baby Steps, I'm going to keep it simple. Which is actually #1 on my list...

  1. Keep it simple. I’m really good at making ridiculously detailed plans that are pretty much impossible to follow. This list may look insane at first, but it's really basic and achievable. I think. I hope.

  2. Stop. Drinking. Beer. It scares me how hard this is for me. I don’t drink excessively or anything. When I am drinking, I’ll indulge on average in 1-2 beers over an evening maybe about once a week. Reasonable right? As in, that's downright typical & acceptable for casual drinking. But it is really hard for me to not have a beer when I want one. If I want it, I must have it or I feel deprived. As the daughter of an alcoholic, this is a F#@$ing scary realization. The fear of becoming an alcoholic has been a constant companion, nagging me in the back of my mind. Like my brother holding his finger an inch away from my face and taunting, “I’m not touching you!!” -- I can’t ignore it even if I close my eyes. I will hold this fear with me for life.

  3. Stop Drinking Coffee. Again. Unlike quitting beer, quitting coffee gets easier and easier each time I try. I think this has to do with the fact that each time I quit long enough to get over the headaches & morning sleepiness, my body has an immediate negative response when I drink coffee again - IBS roars through, reflux gives me wicked heartburn, I become irritable, I get the shakes, and I can no longer fall asleep at night. My most recent attempt was also my longest successful run without coffee, which I believe was due to two things: 1. being on the night shift at work meant that I was no longer exposed to readily made delicious smelling coffee, 2. I drank tea instead which soothed my insides and gave me a substitute for my addiction

  4. Take My Breaks. I have gotten into the habit of working through my lunch breaks so I can leave work early. While this gets me home free faster, it probably makes me feel worse overall. I actually get less time in the sunshine and instead of sitting for two 4 hour stretches in front a computer I sit for one 8 hours stretch.

  5. Get Up Early. With my inability to sleep through the night, getting up early seems counter-intuitive. However, it is only when I get up a little early that I manage to eat breakfast at home which helps me to eat healthy for the whole day and to resist drinking the fresh, hot coffee at work. It also gives me enough time to sit and enjoy some hot tea - further helping the ‘no coffee’ initiative and helping create a peaceful start to the day. 

  6. Do ANYTHING Active After Work. Keeping it simple, I won’t say “work out 30 minutes” or detail an exercise plan. I won’t even put a minimum time to be active. I’m just going to say “Do ANYTHING Active” each day after I get home. Could be a yoga routine. Could be a run. Could be a true Mountain Athlete workout. Whatever. I don’t care. I just need to get back into the habit. Once I do, I know I’ll start feeling better and then I can begin structuring my active time so that I can really train again. Hopefully it won’t take long for this to become routine again so that I can get ready for our trip.


  1. Wow, I have the same exact same thoughts on #2. I have been fighting that a lot lately. My mom was an alcoholic and I am so afraid I will become her. I am sure we can do this!!! So know that I am fighting that fight with ya!

  2. Christi - I hate that you are facing that struggle too, but you are so right - we CAN do this and we are not alone! Thanks for sharing this part of your life with me :)