Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2012 Edition

My NYR's for 2012 are going to be somewhat different than in previous years because life will be somewhat up in the air. Derek and I are starting the year with a four month long road trip then spending the summer working for North Carolina Outward Bound. After that? We haven't really made any plans...

To accommodate our crazy life for 2012, my NYR's will be necessarily finite (i.e. no goals like 'attend a yoga class every week').

NYR's - 2012
  1. Do ten pull-ups in a row -- This is actually one of my life goals. I know. This goal is contrived/stupid/arbitrary/pointless. There is nothing about this goal that will develop me as human being or make me a better person or even a better climber. I just think it would be totally bad ass to do. I actually came close to this in 2008 or 2009 (can't remember which year is was), when I did 9 pull ups in a row. Then I sprained my shoulder while bouldering, and haven't come close since.

  2. Lead a 5.9 trad route -- This has been a goal of mine for a few years now. Despite that and despite the fact that it is a fairly reasonable goal based on my skill level, I have put very little actual effort into achieving it. With our rock climbing road trip this year, I think 2012 is the year this goal will finally be achieved.

  3. Lead a 5.10 sport route -- Same details as goal #2...

  4. Quit Caffeine -- This will be the third year for this goal, and each year I've made some form of progress. I think that this year I will finally pull off the 'no caffeine' goal since I won't have ready access to coffee for the first four months. That could very well be the jump start I need to kick this habit for good!
  5. Perfect example of why I need to stop drinking coffee - I can relate to this cat.

  6. Visit my grandparents -- I was able to visit my grandparents this year when I went to St. Louis for the Rock 'n' Roll race, and realized it had been too long since I had last seen them. Derek and I travel pretty extensively in the U.S. so there really is no reason why I can't make sure to see Grandma and Grandpa again this year.

  7. Write a book -- This one is a BIGGIE. It is on my bucket list, and has been since I was a teenager (yes, I had a bucket list as a teenager. Don't be surprised, this is me we're talking about. I make lists faster than chain smokers go through cigarettes). I think I can may real progress this year for several reasons...
NYR #6 continued...

First off, I just finished grad school. I'm already in the habit of writing way more than is appropriate for a human being AND now I have free time that I'm not used to having.

Second, I'm quitting my job and going on a road trip. That means even more free time and plenty of road trip musings - a life ripe for writing!

Third, I believe I can set aside a good junk of May for this goal. In May, Derek and I will have moved to base camp at North Carolina Outward Bound, and he will have begun work. However, I don't actually start work until June - and I'll just have to help out with chores each day to 'earn my keep' so to speak (at least, that's my understanding of what will happen). So, the month of May = hard core writing time.

And Fourth, I have several 'manuscripts' in the works. Maybe it's a bit conceited to call my working drafts 'manuscripts' but the point is, I have stuff to write about. The key will be sticking with one of them long enough to finish it. I have a couple of romance novel drafts plotted out and one semi-auto-biographical non-fiction draft.

Our street about 4 days after the tornado
The non-fiction thing is my story of the April 27th tornado. I had started blogging about it on my old blog, and received a lot of comments that I should write it as a book. I have since been working on that, but I'm not sure that I really want to turn it into a book. I mean, what would I do with that? How would it be perceived by the people who would necessarily be mentioned in it? Would it get published? Do I really want that much detail about my life out there?

I know that if it did get published & sold, I would feel obligated to donate any profits to tornado relief efforts which are still active or maybe contribute to some type of scholarship fund at UA. And that would be pretty cool. But it doesn't really help me answer my other questions.

I'm open to people's feedback on NYR #6 - romantic fiction or the non-fiction tornado story? Would any of you read either?

I think that wraps up my New Year's Resolutions for 2012.

What about y'all? Do you do resolutions? What are yours for 2012?

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  1. My resolutions:
    1) Climb 10 3rd class peaks (1 down already, since I started the clock December 15th)
    2) Learn archery (started on that, looking for my own bow now)
    3) Become a stronger climber by making small choices in the right direction each day.

    I should also include being more social. Work takes a lot of time, and I am a bit of an introvert, but when I am with friends or get to know new people it makes me really happy. So I should focus more on that.

    Way to go on your book project! I am not much of a romantic fiction reader. Unless the setting is outdoors, in the mountains, maybe? So I would read the tornado story.

  2. You lead an awesome life! Love that you are out there grabbing it be the horns!

    Totally get the pull-up goal. I set ones like that too--sometimes you just have to have these fun goals that don't really have big meaning. Nothing wrong with it and hope you get it!

  3. Write with your heart..i'm sure it will be amazing.

    Have a wonderful New Year!!!!

  4. @deserttortoise - I love your resolutions! I hope I get to read about the 3rd class projects especially

    @misszippy & Born to Endure: Thanks for the support and encouragement!!

    happy new year y'all!!! :)

  5. good luck with your resolutions!

    i don't really have any major resolutions. hopeful goals, but no real resolutions. does run more count?