Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions! Recap of 2011

Yes. I am one of those people.

I make New Year's Resolutions every year. And, I totally GEEK out with my resolutions - I make insanely detailed goals and plans to achieve those goals. It's like I do a SWOT analysis of my life.

Don't believe me? Check out my 2010 NYR's and 2011 NYR's.

Why do this? Well, I believe that going through this process each year is a positive thing for my personal development. I have the opportunity to look at where I've been, where I'm at now, and where I'd like to be in the future. In doing this, I have conscious focus for my direction in life.

Plus, it's just so cool! It's fun to see what goals stay the same throughout the years, and what goals change. It's also super awesome to discover that I've achieved some goals, even if they were achieved only by accident.

So, before I make my NYR's for 2012 - here is a recap of my 2011 resolutions and how I did...

Hang in there with me - I had 14 resolutions, haha!

  1. Climb 3 times per week at the gym (or 2 times if climbing outside on the weekend) for 30 to 45 minutes, including antagonistic muscle strength conditioning. -- I definitely did not achieve this goal. However, I did to more strength conditioning this year than I ever have, so I feel somewhat successful in meeting the spirit of this goal. I definitely became more well rounded in my approach to exercise this year.

  2. Lead a traditional 5.9 route -- Nope...

  3. Lead a sport 5.10 route -- Nope...

  4. Compete in the T-Town Pull Down -- YES!!! I placed 3rd in the women's intermediate division.

  5. Attend a group [yoga] class once a week -- I was pretty good about this during Spring 2011, and even got Derek and Sam Latone to go with me a time or two. But I don't think I went at all during the second half of the year since I stopped getting a free gym membership.

  6. Run 30 minutes at my target heart rate 3 times a week, when not otherwise training -- BAH. I definitely ran more frequently this year, but I did not achieve this goal.

  7. Train for and run competitively in any number of races, not to exceed a cumulative racing distance of 50K for the year -- I trained successfully for the St. Louis Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon and ran it with my sweet cousin, Greta. No overuse injuries, no issues. I had trained pretty well for the Ranger Run which I was going to do with my sister, but a week before the race a tornado wiped out our Tuscaloosa apartment along with many towns across the southeast. Needless to say, I dropped out of that race. I also dropped out of the Tashka Trail Run due to being sick.

  8. Knit and sew birthday and Christmas gifts -- um. nope. didn't do this at all. Actually, I had started putting together a quilt to give to Derek for Christmas, but that was one of the things that I forgot to grab when we were getting stuff out of our apartment after the tornado. So yeah, that stupid tornado screwed up a lot of my 2011 plans - but at least I'm alive to be annoyed by that fact! And we were very blessed in that we also were able to go back and get a whole van load of stuff thanks to some help from some awesome friends. I know so many folks who didn't have that option.

  9. Hand make birthday and holiday cards -- Fail. Didn't even try. Left all craft supplies behind post-tornado and never got around to replacing them. I'm okay with that decision. I'm blessed because I was allowed to make that decision!

  10. Sleep no less than 7 hours a night  -- Attempted this with moderate success. Definitely did not pull as many all-nighter's as I did in 2010. Now that I'm finally graduated, I don't think this will be such an issue.

  11. Read Thrive by Brendan Brazier, a nutritional guide for vegans -- DONE! You can read my review on my LibraryThing page.

  12. Step down as President of SAC -- Did that. Then took the responsibility back on to recruit new members for the next year, haha!

  13. Create new budget and set specific savings goal for the year -- Derek and I did do a budget, but we did not set a specific savings goal. Overall, we still did okay I guess since we will be able to pull off our post-graduation-road-trip starting next month!

  14. No caffeine. Seriously this time.-- This year was more successful that last year, but that's about all I can say

That's the recap! Tomorrow I will post my resolutions for 2012!! Did you do resolutions in 2011? How did you do?

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  1. A great recap of your year. You had some great successes!

  2. It seems like you stuck to the essence of a lot of them, or at least made progress (less caffeine, more running, more strength training, more sleep, etc.). I think that that's important. Happy New Year!

  3. I used to do resolutions and now I dont anymore
    I have goals but they don't all change comes January 1st like be a good mom...that one will last well forever!!! hard to get that one..#14..for me impossible..that is the only guilty pleasure I have left in my diet.