Saturday, December 17, 2011

Versatile Blogger Awards!!!

Hiker Mom from Living the Fit Life has tagged us in the Versatile Blogger Awards!! Okay, I (Susan) have to confess - this MADE MY DAY!! I have seen the VBA's running around on other folks blogs and thought it would just be so cool if someone would tag me - so thank you Hiker Mom :) You really did make my day!

So, when a blogger is nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, he or she is then supposed to post X number of random things about him/herself and then tag X number of blogs to do the VBA next.

I say "X number" because it's been a different number on just about every blog I've read, LOL. I'm going to shoot for a mid-range number. 4 random things for me, 4 for Derek, and 4 blogs...

Randomness about me:
  1. I am terrified of water. And spiders. And small tight places. And guns. And okay, just about everything. But not snakes. Snakes don't bug me one little bit. Well, except when they try to bite me. ANYway, moving on...
  2. The longest distance I've run without walking is 14 miles, and I did it in 120 minutes-ish. 
  3. I have lived in Missouri, South Carolina, Alabama, and Hawaii
  4. I have wanted to be a romance novel writer for pretty much forever
Randomness about Derek:
  1. Derek is terrified of nothing. 
  2. He hates running, but will do it to stay in shape and because I nag him to run with me
  3. He has lived in New York, Tennessee, Singapore, Malaysia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Colorado, and Alabama... did I miss anywhere??? 
  4. Derek started up his own guiding company, Peregrine Climbing Guides. I picked out the name :)
 Four Blogs - TAG! You're it!
  1. El Blog de Los Montoyas
  2. Climbing Those Hills
  3. Much Ado...
  4. Wayward Straight and Arrow


  1. These are fun to read.... but I am scared of snakes

  2. Nice job Susan! Snakes don't bug me either, unless they can kill me with a poisonous bite. We only have garder snakes around here and I catch them for my boys:) Other moms think I'm crazy!

  3. Snakes--you are brave! And how cool that Derek has his own company like that. Love the name.

  4. Thanks for tagging me - my first time being tagged for anything (and yes, it did kind of just make my day). Glad to have you as a newish follower. I'll have to check out more about you. Where in MO did you live and about what time frame? I'm not too scared of snakes if I know where they are (and they aren't poisonous).