Thursday, January 19, 2012

AIARE Level 1 Course Complete!

This past weekend Derek and I completed our AIARE Level 1 course on Mount Washington. This course taught us how to recognize avalanche risks, negotiate potential avalanche terrain, and do basic avalanche rescues. We had some pretty epic weather in my opinion - temps regularly into the negative single digits with wind chills 20 to 30 below Fahrenheit. We broke down and got a motel room for one night when the low was forecasted to be -15 degrees.

Overall, I feel pretty good about what we learned as well as how I did out in those conditions. I have not really been digging the freaking cold here in New Hampshire and would be happy to call it quits. I'm trying to improve my attitude a bit so I can make the most of our time here, but mostly I just want to go home. Still, there is a definite "type two" fun factor to be had (not fun now, but fun later in the retelling of tales).

Today we are resting up for an attempt on Mount Washington tomorrow. We'll be hiking the Lion Head trail to get to the top so that I can feel a bit more comfortable before we try summitting via one of the ravines which require technical ice climbing in addition to the hike. I guess we'll see how it goes, eh?  

Anyway, here are some new pictures of a few of our adventures. None from the AV course we took, but there are some pretty views of the areas we've been climbing. Will try to be a bit more positive in future postings. Thanks for reading :)

- Susan

Our tent after the first snow storm

Frankenstein Cliff through the epic snow/sleet mess

True dirtbagger style: brushing teeth in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts

Hiking into the Frankenstein Cliff area for some ice climbing with better weather

The rail road trestle we hike over to get to some of the ice climbs


Most delicious bacon egg sandwich. Would have been better on a biscuit, but can't find any place with biscuits here. Makes me miss the South a bit. I really wanted a biscuit. And maybe some sausage. (yeah, gave up on the vegetarian thing again)


  1. Wow! Impressed beyond words! Stay warm and safe:)

  2. I think giving up on the veggie tales is a good thing -- you need all the protein and FAT you can get to help you stay warm!! An amazing thing the two of you are doing - but I'm NOT jealous yet!! :)-Gigi