Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stand2Pee Give Away!!!

A couple weeks ago I did a Ladies' Gear Review for the Freshette, a urinary director which allows women to pee standing up. Well, Stacy Kwan from Stand2Pee saw this post and she has a better offer - learn to pee standing up without any assisstive device!
 Stacy is the lead spokesperson for Stand2Pee.com, and she has put together a instructional DVD filmed and produced in LA. Stacy has graciously offered a 50% discount on her Stand2Pee instructional DVD. To take her up on this offer, simply email her at stacy@stand2pee.com so she can provide you with the coupon code.

If that wasn't enough, she has also offered two FREE copies of her training DVD - one for me (sweet!!) and one for one of my readers.


Here's how to enter the raffle for a FREE Stand2Pee DVD. Comment on this post for each of the following things to enter to win (make one comment for each entry):
  1. Tell me why you would like to learn how to pee standing up (I may give bonus points for crazy stories, i.e. 'I squatted to pee and sat on a cactus')
  2. Follow my blog!
  3. "Like" Stand2Pee on Facebook and let them know you heard about them from my blog.
  4. "Follow" Stand2Pee on Twitter and let them know you heard about them from my blog. 
  5. Share this Give Away on your own blog, Facebook, or Twitter (one entry for each share)
The winner will be asked to provide a product review - on your blog, on Facebook, or on the Amazon listing for the DVD. Stacy is available for advice and pointers to anyone who wants to try it out. She is super friendly so don't be shy!

I'm off to wait by the mailbox for my DVD!!


  1. Hmmm...this is intriguing! Never having to fall over while popping a squat in the snow again sounds pretty amazing! Now, the real humor in all of this will be when my 3 year old wants to try it too! :)

  2. p.s. - I'm not on twitter...I know...I'm out of the loop on this whole technology thing...

  3. Thank you for the update. I also sell DVDs for Stand2pee. You can checkout forps.blogspot.com for my review. My coupon code is meye0875. You can add my blog if you want to keep in touch. By the way, I am a guy, but I gave a DVD to my girlfriend for Christmas, and I'm planning on giving more to my gal pals.

  4. Oh, no!!! Another example of a technique or item I've thought of myself and then found out someone else not only thought of it too but is marketing it!!! Haven't seen the DVD but I'll bet it's what I've been doing in the woods and on marathon courses for years. Yes, you can!!

  5. Oh you know I'd love Stand 2 Pee. I would never use my home bathroom again. The possibilities are endless. Urinals, writing my name in the snow, pissing in bottles on a long road trips. Count me in!

  6. Holy crap, this is like, my DREAM.

    All I can say is "above timberline" and "no rocks" and "you can see everyone around you for about five miles". I would MUCH rather turn my back and pee off a cliff. I might even check that there is no one below me first.

    For a crazy story... do you know what a chigger is? Yeah. For real. From a log.

  7. @Leauxra, you definitely get bonus points for that!! EEeesssh

  8. OK, Susan. Here's my "certified librarian" response. I first learned this technique in the sci fi novel Ozone by the fabulous Paul Theroux! Cheers to you! Annette