Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heading West

Susan and I have been sitting at a stand still on I-40 somewhere in Arkansas for the last 30 minutes thanks to construction.  (This baffles me considerably as I don’t quite understand why traffic would be stopped entirely for a planned event like construction.  But I digress…)  I couldn't think of a better time for a blog update! 

The rear seat of our car safely unbolted and in Sam's closet
The take-home point is that we’re heading west!  In two days, after a quick detour to visit some friends in Santa Fe, we will be at Red Rock Canyon, just west of Las Vegas, Nevada.  We’ll spend a little more than a week there climbing some of the best and longest multipitch rock climbs in the country.  We are both incredibly psyched.

Equally cool, our friend Sam Latone will be joining us for this venture, as well as a 3 - 4 week foray at Joshua Tree, California after we’re done in Vegas.  The only downside to this is, as usual, my least favorite of things, logistics.  (Perhaps not my least favorite, but definitely easiest to lament.)
Sam will fly out to meet us at the Vegas airport later this week.  When we pick Sam up, our car will have to accommodate not only a third person, but also gear for three people.  Thanks to Sam’s ingenious idea, we created a bit more room by unbolting and removing two of the rear seats.  Now, we have the luxury of a car that when fully-packed looks like this (minus, of course, Sam himself):

Gear for 3 people for 40 days in the desert


  1. There are some fun things to do around J-Tree for those days when you want a break from climbing. Pinto Mountain and Queen Mountain are fun desert peaks to climb if you want to take a break from technical climbing. Desert Hot Springs is home to the Cabot's Pueblo Museum, a historic structure build entirely from recycled material, housing a quirky art collection now. Twentynine Palms has climbing stores and showers. It's worth a stroll through he city to admire the murals.

    My favorite campground is Jumbo rocks. Because the campsites are set between boulders, they are a bit more private than the usual climber's campsites. If you are in the park at new moon, drive down to Cottonwood campground. Chances are you will meet plenty of hobby astronomers who have dragged their impressive gear up from LA and are all too happy to talk about it and let you take a glimpse through their telescopes.

    1. Sweet! Thanks so much for all the beta! We'll definitely be looking around at Cottonwood when the new moon comes.