Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stranded in Santa Fe

On the most recent leg of our trip, Susan and I have been making a cross-country drive that departed from North Carolina and will ultimately land us just outside Las Vegas, NV.  Yesterday was supposed to be our last day of driving, from Santa Fe, NM to Vegas.

When we awoke yesterday (Monday) I went outside to grab something from the car to discover that our vehicle parked on the street had been vandalized.  The windshield and both driver’s side door windows had been smashed, leaving a nice pile of glass on the street and in the car.  On the plus side, nothing was stolen, so clearly the culprit’s were out for wanton destruction and not valuables.  This point was reinforced by the 4 or 5 other cars they vandalized in the neighborhood.

Our car, windowless yet again
Needless to say, this little turn of events did not do much to brighten our morning and would definitely delay our departure.  After filing a police report and spending plenty of time on the phone, the best we could get was a mobile glass repair sometime on Thursday between 8am and noon.  This would significantly delay our departure to Las Vegas, cause us to miss picking up our friend Sam at the airport, and totally wreck the prep time I needed to be ready to guide clients at Red Rocks on the weekend.

Luckily, our insurance agent was awesome (State Farm, in case you’re in the market, I highly recommend them as they’ve come through for us more than once).  They worked with me to find another glass replacement service in the area.  A quick call to Speedy Glass of Santa Fe (also awesome, by the way) got our car into the shop before 10am and out before 3pm with new windows.  I was ecstatic.

To make an already crazy day even more interesting, while the car was in the shop I received a call from my Red Rocks clients.  They had to cancel as one of them had broken his ankle!  Not only did I feel terrible for my clients who were looking forward to the trip, but that meant I was out of work for the weekend.  On the plus side, it meant that the entirety of our time at Red Rocks could be spent climbing pretty much whatever we wanted without regard to scouting out guiding routes.

Shortly thereafter I received a call from the American Mountain Guides Association office in Boulder, CO.  As luck would have it, I was selected to receive a scholarship for my upcoming Rock Instructor Exam!  Five Ten, maker of climbing shoes and other technical footwear, was the sponsor and would be covering half of the cost for my exam.  Not only was this awesome news in its own right, but I have no problem promoting Five Ten for their support since I think they make a great product.

The real highlight of the day, though, were our friends Allison and Carlos, who were gracious enough to share their home with us for an extra day.  Allison brought us lunch when she got a break from work, and Carlos took time from his day to drop me off at the car repair shop.  Plus, Carlos (who has cooked for the likes of Will Smith and Harrison Ford) made us an exceptional dinner of stuffed pork chops with tiramisu for dessert.  It was truly a pleasure to share time with Allison, Carlos, and their two beautiful daughters.

On the road west of Alberquerque
That being said, I’ve been itching to get back to climbing and get on the road.  It was great to get up early and head out this morning, bound for Red Rock Canyon.

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  1. A day full of good and bad! I hope you have a great time in Vegas!

    Safe travels!