Monday, April 30, 2012

Outward Bound

Since Derek and I have returned from way out west, we have visited with family and moved into our next residence - the North Carolina Outward Bound base camp at Cedar Rock located in Pisgah National Forest.

Our future is a bit uncertain still. We've been interviewing for different jobs, and should be hearing back soon from potentials soon. Until then, I hesitate to post anything about our plans. However, I would like to share what it's like to live at base camp.

Life here is amazing and challenging to me, all at once. We live here with all of the Outward Bound employees - field instructors, administrators, logistics staff, and one awesome cook to feed us all. These individuals vary in age and backgrounds, and it has been so wonderful to get to know them all a bit. There is a lodge with a kitchen, a communal bathhouse, a warehouse, a few rows of housing units, and a handful of other buildings.

Each day we work for our keep, helping out with whatever tasks need to be done to prep for the season. It has been wonderful to be so active during my work day - I've packed  bags, re-shelved supplies, done trail maintenance, and even gone climbing. The food is absolutely delicious. The daily views are amazing.

I'd say the most challenging aspect of living here for me is not that you live and work in the same place,  but that so much space is entirely communal and the people I'm sharing this space with are largely strangers to me. It's somewhat strange to me to know that I might run into someone just while going to the bathroom. It's not bad really, just not a situation I've really ever found myself in before. Obviously I did not live in a dorm in college. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough.

Well, it's time to start a  new day. I'm off to the woods again :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stand2Pee Give-Away and Review

This is long over due, I know. I'm sorry! It was hard to be motivated to do this review while we were on the road. If you don't remember this Give-Away or perhaps are new to our blog, I'm referring to the free raffle post sponsored by Stand2Pee last January.

So, first things first: the Give-Away! I dropped everyone's names into a hat so I could give extra points for awesomely horrible pee stories like Leauxra's, and the winner was Alison from El Blog de Los Montoya's. I'll be sending along Alison's free copy so she can view and review on her blog.

Now for my review.

First, I want to say how awesome it is that Stacey from Stand2Pee offered up the free DVD's and the discount code for all of us. She also remains available to any ladies who may need advice on the topic. If you needed some guidance here, she is super sweet so don't be shy!

That said, I found that the video itself was not ideal for my learning. It focused in on making the viewer comfortable with the idea of peeing standing up and did not provide much actual instruction. In fact, the section where they actually tell you how to pee standing up lasts for about 30 seconds - told in a rushed voice before moving on to practice.

My thought here is that if I have already dropped $10 to $20 for the DVD, I don't need to be told how awesome it would be to pee standing up - I need instruction and pointers for varying situations (i.e. peeing while wearing tight jeans instead of a loose skirt, or peeing on a hill vs. flat ground).

If you are at all nervous about peeing standing up, or if you feel the need for some psychological coaching to get up the nerve to try it  - then yes, I recommend this DVD to you. Or if you have a friend that you think would be liberated by being able to pee standing up but maybe she is uncomfortable talking about it, then this would make a great gift for her. I could also see this being entertaining at a slumber party, with or without alcoholic libations.

However, if you are already ready to pee standing up without reservation - just do a web search. The top three web pages that I found after doing a Google search for "women pee standing up instructions" gave much better details on the process and they were entirely free.

SO. Who has some pointers on peeing standing up? 

Guys, feel free to chime in too - my husband definitely has given me some good advice on where to pee when I've been using my Freshette! (A device which, I still highly recommend)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grand Canyon Photos

On our way back home from the west coast, Derek, Sam Latone, and I stopped by the Grand Canyon for Easter Sunday. It was a beautiful day, and a perfect way to spend our Easter. We hiked the Bright Angel Trail from the Rim all the way to the Colorado River... which the Park Service warns against doing do to the potential for exhaustion or heat stroke.

We were careful about it and didn't decide to go the whole length until we determined which water stations were open and how we were feeling at various distances throughout the hike. In the end, I was quite happy with our decision as Derek and I ran the last bit of the trail to the top - a wonderful success for the day!

Here are some photos from the hike...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We're Back!

Derek and I have returned safely to the southeast - where we are once again enjoying the luxuries of running water, clean clothes, perishable foods, and internet access. I've failed miserable at posting while we were on the road and cannot wait to read up on what everyone has been up to while we've traveled.

I am currently sifting through our photos to post the highlights here - I had a lot of fun with the camera, so hopefully there will be some pretty ones. Here are some of my favorites...