Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grand Canyon Photos

On our way back home from the west coast, Derek, Sam Latone, and I stopped by the Grand Canyon for Easter Sunday. It was a beautiful day, and a perfect way to spend our Easter. We hiked the Bright Angel Trail from the Rim all the way to the Colorado River... which the Park Service warns against doing do to the potential for exhaustion or heat stroke.

We were careful about it and didn't decide to go the whole length until we determined which water stations were open and how we were feeling at various distances throughout the hike. In the end, I was quite happy with our decision as Derek and I ran the last bit of the trail to the top - a wonderful success for the day!

Here are some photos from the hike...


  1. Beautiful! I have never been to the Grand Canyon. Crazy, right? I am 36 years old! I have to hike there, so amazing!

  2. Awesome. We're pondering a trip there in the next year or two....maybe after some climbing up in Red Rocks (Vegas) but it's all up in the air.