Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeling the fall

The past few mornings in the mountains have been crisp and breezy. Autumn is nearly here. Folks are going back to school, returning to their off-season jobs, or just going home. I’m at a bit of a loss right now, because I still have no plan. I always have a plan… So far, Derek and I haven’t been able to solidify any off-season work or housing. Derek did get some extra courses for September and October, but I will officially be done on August 31st

This is the risky part of following your dreams I guess. Derek and I set off for the road last January knowing that things may or may not work in our favor. We spent months living off of our savings so we could travel together across the US. I turned down a salaried job at ETSU to keep working at $50 a day for NCOBS. I do not regret these decisions. But I have to admit that it’s pretty hard to sleep at night right now.

Despite all my nightmare-inducing-doubts, there are plenty of possibilities.

I just learned that I got bumped off the wait-list and can now officially enroll in a WFR course for next month. Once I’ve got that and my SPI course under my belt, I can start as a part-time guide with Derek’s company, Peregrine ClimbingGuides. It’s exciting and intimidating at the same time. I am NOT an awesome climber, but I feel this obligation to represent the ladies as a female climbing guide. I need to train, and train hard not to let myself down.

I’m also hoping to start writing a book with a friend. More on that later, when I know if it’s really going to happen or not. But my heart hurts with hope that it WILL happen.

So, here’s to hoping that things will all work out. For now, I’m off to apply for more work, look for someplace to live, rock out a going-away party for a bunch of my coworkers & friends, and train my body until exhaustion lets me sleep.

Dream big. 

Photo of Looking Glass Rock by Rob Travis Photography

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