Thursday, August 23, 2012

Headed to the Tetons

In three days time I will be headed to the Tetons with my friend and business partner, Chris Latham.  The plan is to summit the Grand Teton via the Upper Exum Ridge (III 5.5).  It has been a life-long goal for Chris to summit the Grand Teton before he turns 40, and this is probably our last shot to make it happen.  The pressure has been cranked up a little as well, as Chris was awarded a "Live Your Dream" grant from the American Alpine Club for our climb.

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We've been preparing for this climb for a couple months now, both training diligently and climbing together to get our systems dialed.  Naturally, just to keep things interesting, I developed pharyngitis yesterday.  A brief stint in urgent care this morning rewarded me with Azithromycin and an order to rest and hydrate.  That's exactly what I'll be doing, because one way or another I'll be getting on a plane on Sunday and heading up the mountain on Tuesday.  I am definitely psyched.


  1. Nice! Looks pretty intense, hope you have a safe and fun climb...