Sunday, September 30, 2012

Falling into Place

In the past month, a lot of things have been falling into place for Derek and me. Whew!

I've picked up some regular babysitting gigs and some office work at the Outward Bound Town Office. Derek was also able to get some fall work instructing with NCOBS as well as some guiding work through both Peregrine Climbing Guides and Granite Arches.

We were able to get off-season housing with Outward Bound by  being Winter Caretakers of the base camp with one of our rock star coworkers. It should be a pretty fun fall, winter, & spring as we are all excited to get out climbing together.

I just finished setting up our off-season home in one of the bunks on base. Knowing that we'll be there for at least six months, I enjoyed making it super homey & cozy - a luxury I didn't have in our previous bunk. Here are some photos of our winter home...

 This love seat was left behind by a previous staff member. I covered it with a quilt my mother made from my father's old jeans.

 A view of our downstairs - we have some built in shelves and enough space for the love seat, gear, and books.
 The view when you first step into our bunk. It's just enough space for us :)
 Looking up to the loft from the bunk entrance. Derek and I hang out laundry to dry in the open space by the loft, and I have our backpacks hanging from the railing to keep the mice out!
 The built in shelving upstairs with our clothes.
 Extra storage space in the back corner - with more furniture left by previous staff.
 A real bed!!! We inherited a full-sized mattress with the room - woohoo!!
 My climbing gear and ice tools. Getting ready for the winter! Or a zombie attack.

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  1. Glad to see you both have a full size bed! :) Looks like it's going to be a cozy winter! stay warm! :)