Monday, December 3, 2012

Physical Therapy

Injuries suck. Repeat injuries suck harder. My right shoulder keeps getting injured repeatedly. It sucks the hardest.

It all started with an indoor bouldering session years ago when I was living in South Carolina (next Free- Give-Away will have to be a contest to see who can guess how many states Derek and I have lived in). I was working a problem across the gym's ceiling when my feet cut out from under me.

At the time, I had been reaching for the next hold so all of my weight suddenly fell onto my right arm. As I swung and my body twisted - POP - my shoulder made the distinctive noise of badness and pain zinged from my arm to my fingertips before it went quickly numb. I, of course, promptly fell 8 feet to the padded floor.


Thankfully, my arm had only partially sublexed and did not fully dislocated. It popped itself right back into place and the feeling returned to my arm with radiating waves of pain deep in my shoulder. Since then, my shoulder has been a bit of a problem.

I've been to PT a few times for it, but I tend to slack off and then go climb something way out of my league which inevitably results in yet another shoulder tweaking.

Derek has decided, after witnessing the original injury as well as all successive ones, to take an active role in my shoulder's recovery. I suppose that being my main climbing partner as well as my hubby, he feels a bit vested in my good health :)

Here is my daily Physical Therapy:

Dislocates 3 x10
Arm circles 3 x10/ea Side
Delt Raise 3 x10 @ 2.5lb
Front Delt Raises 3 x10 @ 2.5lb
Wrist Shakes 3 x10 @ 2.5lb
Over head presses 3 x10 @ 2.5lb
Rotator cuffs 3 x10 @ 2.5lb
Standing flys 3 x10 @ 2.5lb

I'm going to really try to do a good job this time, and stick to my physical therapy so I can finally get over this silliness. Not only because it sucks to be hurt (repeatedly) but also because Derek is kind of like a drill sergeant and I know he won't leave me alone until I'm better!

Do any of you have recurring injuries? How do you handle them?


  1. Thank God for your Drill Sergeant! It's probably hard to climb if your arms fall off. Get that shoulder better, lady! :) Good luck!

  2. Well I have scoliosis so my back is always in need of TLC but not really re-injuring anything. My knee though - never been the same since I tore my ACL. Again, mostly TLC, haven't torn anything else, but it def. bugs me after long hikes. At least I've never done anything to it while climbing.