Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Place to Call Home

We have been horrible bloggers lately. There have been too many things going on, keeping us busy – the biggest of those things being us getting an apartment in town. That’s right, Derek and I no longer live in the woods! Well, most of the time we don’t anyway.

We moved to Brevard on April 1st and I am beyond excited about it. I have wanted to live here since the first time I stepped foot in the town, somewhere around 20 years ago. Brevard is nestled in the mountains where I first learned how to rock climb and where I came camping with my family & friends every summer I could. This town that has always felt like home to me, no matter where I was actually living.

Brevard is very much a small town. Most of the folks who live here have always lived here and always will. When I went to the DMV to get a NC driver’s license (yay for changing our state residency 3 times in 4 years…), I was literally the only person who didn't know every other person waiting in line. And it was a big line.

One of our garden plots: Blackberry Bushes!
Since moving in, we've been doing a bit of nesting. Derek built us counters to go in the kitchen, and I've started a garden with our neighbor and fellow Fox Mountain Guide, Travis Weil (check out his blog here). Next, I'll start sewing some curtains. We've pulled everything out of storage and rediscovered the thoughtful donations that folks gave us after the tornado – such as the complete set of dishes from my Mom’s neighbor, the furniture from Derek’s parents, and so many clothes from Gamma Phi Beta, the sorority that adopted us and honored us by making me their sister.

Now that we've been in the apartment a little over a month, we've learned most of the eccentricies that you’ll get in a house that was constructed before electricity was readily available, such as the existence of a fuse box instead of a breaker box and a wiring system that would make even the most skilled electrician cry. The basement is a dark and spider filled place, with a clay floor in some places. Down there, you can see the original plank flooring which is cool but a little disconcerting as well since you can see cracks of light from above through some of the planks. 

Now that we're in town I've been getting involved in the community, since that is a huge part of why I love Brevard. I've been volunteering at our public library, which is just a sweet 10 minute walk from our apartment. That actually is another big part of my news lately, since in about two weeks I’ll start working there part-time. That’s right, I’m gonna be part-librarian again! A rock climbing librarian. I can’t wait! :) 
The Library!

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  1. Moving is fun, well, not the actual moving part, the packing and moving isnt fun, but exploring a new place and everything it has to offer is fun