Monday, June 10, 2013

Cathedral Traverse Beta

For the last post in my series while I'm in the Tetons, I’ve uploaded the .pdf that we used as the beta for our attempt of the Cathedral Traverse.  Some of this is my personal work, but much of it is an amalgamation of the work of others, and I’ll attempt to credit them here.  Specifically, Rolando Garibotti’s Grand Traverse beta on and Mark P. Thomas’ beta from his “Teton Grand Slam” were particularly useful.  Most of the other information was drawn from various pages on 

The below map is of my own devising stitched together from USGS quads.  Our intended route is approximated in blue, with retreat options in red.  The .pdf can be found here.

 When I return to North Carolina, I go into the field for about 2 solid weeks.  After that, I intend to make a complete trip report.

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