Friday, May 30, 2014

Trail Run Fun

So far the training for my upcoming 30 Mile 30th Birthday Run is going pretty well. Tomorrow, I will be halfway through my second training cycle with a 16 mile run to be completed. I'm excited because from this point forward, every 'long run' I do will be the greatest distance I've ever run. So even if I don't make my 30 mile goal in the end, I feel like I'm getting to do something cool just through the training.

I'm doing all of my long runs out on Cathey's Creek Road and the adjacent forest trails. I think trail running provides unique problems for the runner as well as bits of entertainment that you won't find anywhere else. With that in mind, here are some of my pointers for running in the woods...

  1. Even if you wear bright colors, you may get shot at by a drunk hunter. I recommend singing the Oscar Mayer Wiener song as loud as you can to announce both your presence and your insanity. 
  2. If you squat to pee, check for poison ivy. If you fail to do this, call me and we can commiserate.
  3. Snakes are everywhere. Get over it and jump over them. Or abruptly turn around and run back the other direction. That definitely works too.
  4. Not all deer are afraid of you. In fact, some deer may just give you crazy eyes and then charge you. Watch out for those psychos.
  5. After reviewing points #1, #3, & #4 - it's probably a good idea to be armed when you run.
  6. Those horseflies that try to bite you may seem like a nuisance when you are running like a maniac to escape them; however, when you discover that you cut down on your time considerably just because you were running from those little jerks, you may be grateful for there presence. But not really.

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