Monday, December 29, 2014

Since the big move...

Derek and I have been in Ogden for a solid 3 months now, and a lot has happened. Derek started work at Weber State University as the Outdoor Program's Assistant Coordinator and I found a great part time job at Gear:30, a local independent gear shop downtown.

Not long after we moved in, Derek left for Red Rock, Nevada to take his AMGA Rock Guide Exam which he PASSED - YAY!!! He was home for a bit and we were able to get some exploring and some skiing in before he left for Ouray, Colorado to take his AMGA Ice Instructor Course. The whole skiing thing is new to both of us, so I'll have to expand on that in a future post.

I haven't been as crazy busy as Derek, but I have keeping myself occupied. I've been working on writing my first novel and got my first draft finished during NaNoWriMo. I'm tweaking it a bit more before I have friends read it for revisions, but I am pretty excited about it.

I was also able to see my extended family in St. Louis twice this December - once to celebrate the life of my Grandma after she passed away on December 4th and once for a family reunion of sorts, celebrating a birthday, a graduation, new babies, and Christmas.

Now that the holiday season is wrapping up, we're looking forward to having friends come visit us in our new place. The snow is finally here and is begging me to go play outside. It's going to be an awesome winter!


  1. Sounds like you live an exciting life. What's your novel about?

    1. Hi Jeanne! My novel is a love story between a geeky gadget guy and a lady backpacking guide. It takes place in the rolling green mountains of Western North Carolina with a host of other characters including the lady guide's big brother, her attack cat, and some rock climbers who come along to help with a Search & Rescue.