Friday, January 30, 2015

Reading Non-Fiction

I have always struggled to read non-fiction, preferring romance novels or other fiction instead. Last year I made a resolution to read 1 non-fiction title per month. I started myself off easy, reading books like “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and “No Riding Bikes in the House, Without a Helmet.”

Books I Meant to Start Reading...
While these books were certainly non-fiction, they were also narrative style tales, making them more interesting to me right away. I love a good story! It got me in the right frame of mind to pick up some less fluffy reads like “Mini-Farming: Self-Sufficiency on ¼ Acre” which is now one of my favorite books (seriously, after borrowing it from the library, I then got a copy as a house warming gift, bought a copy for my brother, and got my best friend to buy herself a copy, too).

I only succeeded in reading 8 non-fiction books in 2014, but that’s 8 more non-fiction titles than I've ever read in a year unless I was being forced to by school or work. I loved it and I felt smarter because of it.

This year I decided to make the same resolution, which a minor tweak – I selected the books to be specifically useful for my upcoming trip to Patagonia. It’s now the end of the first month and I’m nowhere near finished with my first book, “The Wilderness First Responder Manual.” However, I have (embarrassingly) already read 6 romance novels. Clearly my failure was not due to a lack of time…

 For February, I’m going to tweak the plan once again and read a more narrative style non-fiction to get back into the mindset of reading for learning instead of just for fun. For Christmas, I bought Derek the book “Beyond the Mountain” by Steve House. I think this will be a much more enthralling read, and I am already looking forward to getting started.

Anyone else tweaking their New Year’s Resolutions?

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